Petitions signatories tops 5000!

More and more people are signing the petition to the Mayor to keep the Arbutus Corridor green. On Friday, gardeners from Maple and Pine Community Gardens delivered 3,571 petitions to City Hall. This followed a delivery mid month of almost 500. At today’s count, an additional 1,185 people have signed the online petition. Further, hundreds of people came by the sign the petition during yesterday’s garden party.

Although this threat to the community gardens is causing tremendous heart ache and fear, we have rallied against this challenge and grown stronger and more connected as a community. Gathering this many signatures in only two weeks time is a tremendous accomplishment for a local group that underscores not only how much Vancouverites value this beautiful and unique green space, but also how much hard work our gardeners put into protecting it. A special thanks goes out to Cheryl, Mothé, Karen and Rosemary from Maple Community Gardens, Maureen from Cypress, and Julie from Pine for helping to gather so many signatures. Thanks also Dan from Maple and Gabriel from Nature Spirit Garden for creating videos to help raise awareness about the petition, the gardens and the threat to this green space.

Julie dropping off the latest batch of petitions at City Hall

Julie dropping off the latest batch of petitions at City Hall

watch Dan’s video

watch Gabriel’s video

There are hundreds of us gardeners maintaining little pockets of beauty along the corridor. Historically, I think each us has developed friendships and pulled into our community people gardening close by, people we meet at work parties every month. This initiative to protect the gardens has motivated many of us to get to know gardeners in neighbouring gardens, and all along the corridor.  We building a stronger community with every conversation.

In case you haven’t yet signed the petition or shared it with your friends, here is the link to sign the online petition.

Resisting the destruction of the community gardens is making us stronger. Let’s stay strong and hopeful.