Useful Links

City of Vancouver: map showing over 75 existing community gardens in Vancouver with a list of the garden addresses/contact information; other general info on gardening naturally; urban agriculture; and resources to start a community garden on City or private property.

Free Woodchips:  from the City of Vancouver tree pruning activities. You can pick them up 24 hours a day/7 days a week from the back parking lot of the Sunset Community Centre Ice Rink at 390 East 51 Avenue [51 Avenue/Prince Edward Street].  Be sure to bring a shovel and containers with you : )

West Coast Seeds: over 800 varieties of vegetable, flower and herb seeds; all certified organic/untreated/non-GEO/GMO; site includes growing tips, planting charts for various zones and gardening supplies. Available in Vancouver at Hunter’s Garden Centre and Hewer’s Home Hardware.

Salt Spring Seeds:heritage and heirloom seeds harvested on Salt Spring Island; all seeds are grown organically/untreated/non-GMO and some of the farms are certified organic; includes growing tips, recipes, and info on saving seeds. Available in Vancouver at Hewer’s Home Hardware.

Native Plant Society of BC:  improving knowledge and appreciation of growing native plants in your garden through events, presentations, photo gallery and detailed website information             

Lee Valley & Veritas Gardening Newsletter: articles on gardening; tools; information on seminars and gardening products.  Sample article on increasing crop yield, link to subscribe at the bottom: