MCG Work Party Expectations

The success of Maple Community Garden relies on each member taking care of not only their plot and Section, but the common areas of the garden at our regular Work Parties, as well as participating at the AGM’s, on committees and the Executive.  Listed below are some of the ways members are expected to contribute so that our garden continues to thrive.

There are usually 11 Work Parties scheduled between March and October each year.  Please attend as many as you can, there is always lots to do over the growing season. Members are encouraged to work in different areas and with someone new at each Work Party : )

The Annual Contract & Conditions specify that each member must attend a minimum of 4 Work Parties each year (minimum of 8 hours total). If you cannot participate in the minimum four Work Parties, Alternative Work Party options are available [see below].

Membership in the first year is granted on a trial basis. Every members’ Annual Contract is conditional upon meeting requirements for attendance at Work Parties, General Meetings, and properly caring for their own plot and Section during the previous year.

Members can expect to spend an average 2-3 hours each week caring for their individual garden plot, but the focus of Work Parties is on the assigned tasks in the common areas of the garden only, unless other specific  tasks are assigned by the Executive or Work Party Leads.

  • Bee Garden (between Sections 1 / 2)
  • Communal Composters (Sections 4 / 5)
  • Permanent Soup Kitchen plots (Sections 3 / 4)
  • East Common at corner of Cypress Street (Section D)
  • 6th Avenue strip of garden beds and grass outside the Sections and Common areas [Maple/Cypress]

A reminder that there is only one Primary member per plot, and they can designate one Associate member on their Annual Contract, but only one Work Party credit is issued per plot at each Work Party.  If both the Primary and Associate members attend the same work party, only one work party credit is given. To keep things simple for recording, please just have one person per plot on the Sign In sheet – not both of you.

IMPORTANT:  If you do not sign in, you will not receive credit for the Work Party.


Every Work Party

  • Bring your own tools: you are required to have your own grass clippers, pruning shears, and a trowel/small digging tool. Please label your tools to prevent loss.
  • Wear shoes/boots for safety: and clothes for playing in the dirt.
  • Come 10 minutes early: to meet and greet other members, sign the Sign In sheet and be ready for the brief meeting and assignment of WP tasks so work can start promptly. As a courtesy to each other, please be on time so delays and repetition of meeting information can be avoided. If you come late, please make up that time at the end of the WP.
  • Advise Work Party Lead of any limitations: if you have injuries [e.g. unable to kneel to clip grass/weed that day], please inform the Work Party Lead so they can help find you appropriate tasks, and also bring any adaptive equipment or a helper so you can participate.
  • Chop green waste into short 2-3 inch pieces: City requirement, minimizes tearing of the paper bags.
  • Fill green waste paper bags only 2/3: to allow for proper closure + prevent spilling/attracting animals.
  • Help with cleanup:
    • clean and put tools way
    • sweep sidewalks
    • take away any weeds or diseased plant materials that need to go to a      dumpster
    • stack green waste paper bags neatly at the curb of Maple/West 6th, the waste pile must not block the sidewalk or the curb cut
  • Check the area for any forgotten hand tools/gloves, place in tool triangle


Alternative Work Party

  • To be used as a last resort only ONCE during the season, for a member who is unable to fulfill their minimum 4 work parties that year.
  • Requires 2 hours of work on a delegated task in exchange for one work party credit [includes special requests or tasks authorized by the Executive]
  • Watering Commons A / B: turning on soaker hoses [if there are no watering restrictions]’s or hand watering for at least an hour twice during the week you signed up for.  While monitoring the soaker hoses, the member can multitask by deadheading flowers, weeding or clipping grass in the common areas. More detailed assignment information will be provided after sign up.
  • Composter Maintenance: two hours work done over a two-week period [4×30 minutes] Using fork to turn over material in composters, watering to keep the material damp, clipping of plant material after pruning, and cleanup of compost area.
  • Garbage Pickup: two hours work done over a two-week period [4×30 minutes] picking up and disposing of garbage along both the North and South sides of the Sections and common areas of the garden.



  • Please always check first with your Section Lead for guidance and information, and to address any concerns you may have. Leads in our Garden are enthusiastic, experienced and have a great network to support you!
  • For gardening tips galore, Work Party Leads and other gardeners are always happy to share : ) 
  • The MCG website has valuable information about beneficial and invasive plants, member discounts, work party dates, composting, seasonal gardening hints and links to other resources – take a few minutes to explore the site!
  • Add your name to the Maple Community Garden website email list to be automatically notified of garden news & info.  Simply enter your email address under the blue envelope icon at the bottom of the right hand column of any website page.
  • Use for all garden correspondence and to contact the Executive.
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