CPR Update for July 17

Here are the most recent updates on the CPR-Arbutus Corridor. This does raise more questions than provide answers but we will continue moving forward with petitions, getting our message out through the media and asking local politicians and the city to take action. Gardens along the Corridor currently working together on this issue include Arbutus Victory Garden, Kerrisdale Community Garden, World in a Garden, Pine Street Garden and Maple Community Garden.

  • CPR notices to remove encroachments along the right-of-way were posted along Maple, Cypress and Pine Gardens on July 16. Maureen has been in communication with CP to ask for an extension to the July 31st deadline. CP indicated that the gardens were aware of their decision through media and posted maps and no exemptions would be granted.
  • Property markers will be set out the week of July 21.  CPR has indicated that access to any part of the right of way to the entrance gates to each section with the plots will be closed off immediately after July 31st.
  • Local government representative have been contacted. George Heyman, MLA, will be visiting the gardens on July 17. David Eby, MLA for Point Grey, has posted our petition on the office door and has offered non-partisan meeting space if needed.  He has written CPR and made his letter available to the gardens. Joyce Murray wrote an article in the Courier.

Cypress community garden has advised their membership to save any valued or special plants on the right-of-way. The executive will be providing recommendations for Maple shortly.