Friendly Reminders…

Just a few reminders about work parties, volunteering and garden upkeep!

Work Parties:  Only 7 more work parties left for this year. The next one is Monday, June 2 at 7:00 PM. Please bring your own clippers and trowel!

Volunteering:  Volunteers needed now to mow edges E and W, N and S of sections. Hand mowers kept up at Communal A section at the W end.

Clip, clip, clip!:  Please remember to clip your edges around garden plots and inside and outside the fences N&S. Growth is rampant right now so requires you to do it approx every 7-10 days or more often.

Weeding:  Weeds are taking over in many sections. Buttercup needs digging out, morning glory also needs to be dug up and removed from fencelines and gardens and goutweed (very invasive weed) is growing in Section 6-9 needs digging up and removing. These weeds spread fast! DO NOT PUT THESE WEEDS IN GARDEN COMPOSTERS. Put these weeds in the garbage or city compost as our composters are not hot enough to destroy weed seeds.

Detailed information and photos of Creeping Buttercup, Morning Glory, and Goutweed can be found in the Garden Resources section under ‘Gardening Tips-Plant Info‘.