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Arbutus Victory Garden sends letter to the City

The Arbutus Victory Gardeners have just sent the following letter to Vancouver City Council, local MLAs, MPs, and CP Rail:

It contains four actions they are requesting the City and other government to support them on going forward with CP Rail:

  1. intervene by any legal means available, such as a stay of action or a legal suit, to halt the progress of CP’s bulldozers until such time as it presents a viable business plan
  2. prevent CP from spraying herbicides;
  3. place priority on finding new garden spaces for those whose gardens were destroyed;
  4. provide assistance with relocation of plant and garden material.

In their letter to the other gardens, the gardeners from Arbutus Victory also stated:

We were absolutely devastated by the news of the destruction of the Marpole gardens and hope to halt the bulldozers before all other gardens are destroyed. We also hope Marpole gardeners will have new spaces to grow as soon as possible. Please contact us if you wish to work together and strengthen all of our voices going forward.

CPR has started clearing Community Gardens


photo credit: Bammer

The Vancouver Sun reports that CPR started clearing community garden encroaching on the right of way in the Arbutus Corridor:

More photos of the clearing on GlobalNews:


Video: Preserve the Arbutus Corridor Green Space

Sign the petition here:

We, as community gardeners, respectfully request that Vancouver City Council move quickly to preserve the Arbutus Corridor and the community gardens as they provide organic food and supply local soup kitchens, promote the development of community, and moderate the effects of climate change. 

Visit us on Facebook:

Volunteers needed for video

Dear gardeners,

Dan is a director and producer here in Vancouver, and he has offered to produce a video to illustrate the potential loss of our garden plots. He needs fellow gardeners to appear in the film by simply going about their routines under his specific direction.

The goal is to contribute to a social media campaign to help create awareness around the current situation and help resolve the issues.

At this time, Dan needs to get shots of people working together and enjoying themselves in the gardens. He needs around 6-10 people and 30 minutes of their time.

He is also looking for 3 women of several generations (daughter, mother, grandmother).

Your contribution is essential, as Dan won’t be able to complete this video without your support!

If you are interested in volunteering for this initiative, please contact Dan directly using the following email address: 

Thank you for your help!

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