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Volunteers needed for video

Dear gardeners,

Dan is a director and producer here in Vancouver, and he has offered to produce a video to illustrate the potential loss of our garden plots. He needs fellow gardeners to appear in the film by simply going about their routines under his specific direction.

The goal is to contribute to a social media campaign to help create awareness around the current situation and help resolve the issues.

At this time, Dan needs to get shots of people working together and enjoying themselves in the gardens. He needs around 6-10 people and 30 minutes of their time.

He is also looking for 3 women of several generations (daughter, mother, grandmother).

Your contribution is essential, as Dan won’t be able to complete this video without your support!

If you are interested in volunteering for this initiative, please contact Dan directly using the following email address: 

Thank you for your help!

Media update on CPR development for July 13


Over the last few days there have a been some media attention on the issue of evicting gardeners and reactivating the corridor for train use.

1. Vancouver Sun Editorial: Arbutus line should remain green for now
Until both sides stop squabbling, gardens must stay.

Excerpt from the editorial:

“CP Rail and the city of Vancouver should step up negotiations on the future of the Arbutus Corridor and avoid punishing residents for the failure of government and the company to reach a compromise.”

Such ‘encumbrances,’ as CP labels [the gardens], contribute greatly to the charm of the area that bisects quiet residential neighbourhoods. The community gardens, some beautifully creative and well tended, also help bring people together in a city teeming with sometimes lonely newcomers and condo dwellers.”

2. Joyce Murray, Vancouver Quadra MP wrote to CP Rail asking the CEO to cancel evictions of community gardeners and work with community to find a more satisfactory way forward. Read her letter as reprinted in the Georgia Straight.

Excerpt from her letter:

“The July 31st deadline for clearing the gardens is unreasonable and will waste the work that has been invested in this season’s garden production. The corporation’s decision to issue notices to remove gardens and sheds, without adequate time to make other arrangements, appears to be a thoughtless one that fails to meet the standards of good corporate citizenship.”

3. A Maple Community Gardens member shares her perspective in the City Farmer News.

Excerpt from Deirdre Phillips’ letter:

“…our gardens are a very important element of our city and community on so many levels. The City of Vancouver, regardless of the administration in charge, has made community gardens one of the top priorities in our urban environment as part of the overall City plan. Our members and gardens provide food security and beauty to our neighbourhood, along with a chance for all passerby’s to interact with the natural world giving a respite from the concrete jungle and the daily grind of modern living. I cannot tell you how many people over the years have expressed their delight and gratitude to what we have created here.

… Do you really want destroying our community gardens to be your legacy?”

Remember to sign the petition to ask the Mayor to act to protect the gardens!

CPR Update for July 3

A discussion about the CP rail issue will happen at the start of the July 7th work party at 7:00pm. Please be in attendance.

CPR has posted information about the Arbutus Corridor including letters issued, encroachments notice and a survey plan detailing where unauthorized encroachments exist:

The notice to remove encroachments was provided to Shaughnesey residents, an area where property lines have been marked. Maple Community Garden is shown on page 6 of the survey plan.

Property lines have yet to be marked along the 6th Avenue gardens (Maple, Cypress, Pine). A representative from Cypress Community Garden will be following up with CP Rail as to when they will be conducting the survey; media will also be contacted in the coming days.
Cypress Community Garden responded to a media inquiry regarding the notices as follows:

“Cypress garden has not received any formal notice yet, but are expecting some sort of future notice since the new CPR “official survey maps” show our gardens as “unauthorized encroachments”. We look forward to working with the City and CPR to resolve this tension and find a sustainable land use model that brings more certainty to the future of all community gardens along the Arbutus corridor.”

Media inquiries can be directed to Cypress Community Garden.


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