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Update on CPR use of Arbutus Corridor

The following information on the Motion regarding CPR use of Arbutus Corridor was provided by Cypress Community Garden:

A meeting of the Arbutus Ridge and Kerrisdale group (ARKS) occurred on June 18. The CP Rail issue was a small part of the meeting led by the Arbutus Corridor Committee. The committee had drafted a motion to be voted on. The outcome of the vote will be posted once it is received (Hopefully in the next few days). The motion was as follows:

Motion regarding CPR use of Arbutus Corridor

Proposal to lease the Arbutus Corridor rail “right of way” from CPR. May 2014

Whereas ARKS endorses the fundamental use for the corridor, as envisioned by the Mayor and Council of the City of Vancouver, for a public  greenway, for walking, gardening and personal  transportation and Whereas ARKS acknowledges that the rail corridor probably does not meet its financial highest and best use as a privately owned CPR land asset, ARKS therefore proposes that the two parties review the possibility of the city leasing for a mutually pre-agreed period with an option for future purchase and fee simple ownership should funding become available either from the city and/or third party for the purpose of a public transportation system.

A fundamental principle for ARKS residents is that homeowners adjacent to the corridor, pedestrians, gardeners and cyclists will continue to enjoy to the peace and quiet of the now semi-rural corridor free of freight, locomotives and active horticultural maintenance. ARKS  envisions that no permanent infrastructure , such as concrete paths or large trees be planted by the city and that CPR will continue, as is their right,  to lease space above or below ground to utility providers. Further, that the public use be limited to the hours between sun up and sundown. Liability coverage for public access by Vancouver.


Labyrinth Project

This is an invitation to participate in the renewal of the labyrinth area of the west gardens. The plan is to create a space that will be used for meetings and teaching. The physical work to rebuild can be counted toward your annual work parties.

The planning meeting is Monday June 9th at 7 pm in the west garden. We will look at the interaction of paths, seating, plantings and new brick or stone work in the area to renew the space.

garden - labyrinth1 2014garden - labyrinth2 2014

If you would like to participate in this project please contact Gary at 

Garden Coalition – volunteer needed

Maple Community Garden is currently looking for a member to participate as our representative in a garden coalition working with Cypress and Pine Community Gardens to promote greenspace along the Arbutus Corridor [for further info see CP Rail Line Clearing post, May 26, 2014 below].  If you’re interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact  for details. Please include “Garden Coalition” in the Subject line.