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This is the last goodbye

Canadian Pacific has started to remove “encroachments” along Cypress Community Garden, just 1 block east of Maple Community Garden; click here for photos as of Saturday, February 28th. Work will resume after the weekend.

Unofficial sources reported that CP will start working along Maple Community Garden on Monday, at which point they will remove everything between the track and the orange markers.

This weekend may be your last chance to see the Garden as it exists today, before the “encroachments” are removed by CP.

The 2015 Sign-up AGM scheduled for March 1 is POSTPONED

To Maple Community Garden Members from The Executive

The 2015 Sign-up AGM scheduled for March 1 is POSTPONED


– CP Rail has stated this month in the media (newspapers)  that the community gardens on their property would be destroyed within a month. This week, bulldozers have destroyed the north-end of the Pine and Cypress Community Gardens that were encroaching on CPR Right of Way.

– The Executive is postponing the AGM, tentatively to be scheduled early April (date to be announced), in order to get more clarification on the situation as time goes on, and to give everyone a better chance to decide how to proceed.

– Your 2014 membership continues until the next 2015 AGM happens.

* The Executive has only the information published in The Province and The Courier, so please do not contact the Executive members for more info.

Thank you for your patience- and let’s wait and see.

CP Rail tears up Pine Street Community Garden

Today February 24th, 2015, CP has destroyed the Pine Street Community Garden located along West 6th Avenue between Burrard, Pine and Fir streets.

This garden is located just two blocks away from Maple Community Garden.

CP has the right of way along the Arbutus Corridor, and is removing these encroachments as part of their plan to reactivate the railway for storage and training (even though it was also announced that they are not planning to use this section of the track at this time).



CP to resume clearing Arbutus Corridor February 10, 2015

Excerpt from CP website:

“Arbutus Corridor upgrades, Vancouver

Update: February 6, 2015-  On January 20, 2015, a judgment of the BC Supreme Court dismissed the city’s application to prevent CP from operating along the Arbutus corridor and continuing its work. After taking time to evaluate the court’s decision, CP is resuming steps for reactivating the corridor for rail operations.

Letters informing residents that CP will resume brush cutting and removal of encroachments on February 10, 2015 should arrive in mailboxes as early as February 6, 2015.”

Scroll down to the section on British Columbia, which also includes a link to the CP Letter To Residents being distributed: